About Tex.AC

About company Тех.АС

The company Tex.AC is a close-knit team of highly qualified specialists whose direct activity is aimed at the production of high-quality electrically powered tools and welding equipment.


The company's manufacturing department consists of 43 engineers and 5 doctors of science. Every day our close-knit team works to design and manufacture reliable and efficient electric tools, as well as welding equipment. In our activities we use only proven and reliable technologies, as well as the best materials that meet modern reliability requirements. This approach gives us an opportunity to guarantee the impeccable quality of equipment and electrically powered tools from the company Tex.AC. As a result, the buyer receives exactly the result, which he expected when buying a reliable power tool.

High quality at an affordable price

Despite the high quality of manufactured equipment and electrically powered tools, the cost of our products always remains at an affordable, competitive level. Such a profitable policy for the buyer became possible due to the exclusion of any third parties in the activities of our company. The customer will always be able to find the necessary equipment with an acceptable market price.


During the manufacturing tools and equipment, Tex.AC company puts forward high requirements that together with multilevel quality control make it possible to be always confident in the reliability and quality of the sold products. The special pride of the company is the fact that electrically powered tools and equipment placed at our factories are delivered to 32 countries of the world, and also used to implement a variety of construction projects on all continents. The electrically powered tools and equipment of th Tex.AC company rightfully occupy a leading position in the world.