Warranties for welding sets, electrically powered tools and garden equipment of Tex.AC company

The LLC "Tex.AC GROUP" company delivers to Ukraine only certified products and provides for its entire equipment warranty and post-warranty service.

Necessarily read the instructions before use. It will help to avoid problems with future use of device. In case of any breakage you should contact the nearest service center. Our qualified specialist at the authorized service centers on all the territory of Ukraine will provide high-quality and timely repairs. To contact the service center you need to have: a properly filled warranty card, proof of payment and the product itself. Do not try to repair the tool by yourself it will cause warranty cancelation. The warranty card that you receive with the products is a confirmation of the warranty.

Warranty for Tex.AC products is extended from 24 to 36 months, depending on the group of goods:

Welding equipment

  • Welding sets – 36 months
  • Semiautomatic welding sets – 36 months
  • Argon-arc welding sets – 36 months
  • Welder’s helmets – 24 months (per light filter)

Power tools

  • Line-operated screwdrivers – 36 months
  • Accumulator screwdrivers – 36 months
  • Electrical drills – 36 months
  • Angle grinders – 36 months
  • Perforators – 36 months
  • Jigsaws – 36 months
  • Heat guns – 36 months
  • Circular saw – 36 months
  • Аir compresso r– 36 months

Garden equipment

  • Electrically powered chain-saws – 24 months
  • Gasoline powered chain-saws – 24 months
  • Electric grass trimmers – 24 months
  • Trimmers – 24 months