• Chain tensioning system
    The chain tensioning system is used with the special key included in the chainsaw set. The chain is stretched by changing the distance between the driven and driving sprockets, which allows you to reliably fix the tire with the necessary tension. The advantage of this system is a more reliable fixation of the tire, and also for longer work the chain is less susceptible to weakening.
  • Bus and chain
    The chainsaw is equipped with a 457mm bus.It is a flat metal structure along which the cutting chain moves. The length of the bus is measured in millimeters or inches. Also the size of the bus affects what kind of trunk the operator can cut in one step. When choosing a spare bus and chain, take into account the chain pitch and groove size under it.
  • Starter cover
    The starter cover is made of magnesium alloy, which ensures reliability and durability. The placed stiffeners allow to improve the heat sink, and also to reduce the weight of the lid. Easy start system is installed there. This system reduces the applied force of the operator to run the chain saw by 30%.
  • Filters
    A full-size nylon mesh air filter is installed. This filter provides an increased flow of purified air, reducing the likelihood of clogging the carburetor. Due to increased capacity, the load on the carburetor is reduced. Quick access to the air filter and carburetor facilitates the maintenance of the fuel system. The installed felt fuel filter is responsible for the cleaning of the fuel mixture.. It provides high cleaning, thereby preventing premature wear and clogging of the fuel system.
  • Carburetor
    The adjustment of the carburetor is an important element of the functionality of the chainsaw. The carburetor undergoes quality control; optimum dynamic performance is achieved with optimum fuel consumption. Precision milling of parts ensures reliable operation of the carburetor. To increase the service life of the carburetor, it is recommended to use a suitable fuel mixture.
  • Engine
    The chrome plated coating of the cylinder walls provides increased durability when the cylinder-piston group is operating. There are 2 compression rings, which ensure reliable prevention of gusts from the combustion chamber. Quality casting and milling allows for the most accurate positioning of components with minimal gaps. Only qualitative gaskets with a protective hermetic coating are installed.
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Tex.AC TA-03-053 chain-saw is used for the performance of sawing wood. Gasoline two-cycle engine capacity of 3.1 kW in combination with a high-quality carburetor, provides a long service of the chainsaw. Felt fuel filter ensures high cleaning, preventing premature clogging of the fuel system.

Мodel ТА-03-053
Engine volume (cm/cbm) 52
Power rating (W) 2800
Number of free movement rotations (m/s) 14
Length of guide plate (mm) 457
Pitch of chain 0,325
Weight (kg) 6,2
Warranty (mon) 24