• Working mode
    The purpose of this model of the drill is to conduct drilling operations on wood, metal and a number of other materials, the drilling of which does not require a shock-rotational mechanism. Due to its compact dimensions, the model is perfect for drilling operations where convenience and the ability to drill different materials with frequently replaced accessories are important.
  • Control system
    To ensure maximum comfort, a button is installed on the drill, which performs two functions at once. The main purposes of the button are inclusion and smooth increase in speed. An additional function is the ability to change the number of maximum rotations, which is so necessary during the work with materials that require a minimum number of rotations of the chuck. With placed above the buttonhole rotation (reverse) switch you can easily switch with your finger without interrupting the workflow. A permanent switch is placed on the case of the handle to ensure continuous work. The main application of the function is related to the need of conduction the drilling operations for a long time.
  • Drill chuck
    It is very comfortable to working with the tool in which the quick-clamping chuck is installed. The quick-action chuck maximizes the time it takes to replace the used accessories. A distinctive feature of this type of chuck is the lack of the need to use a special clamping key.
  • Engine

    The drill is equipped with an electric motor with a copper winding to reduce weight and dimensions. Impregnation of the winding with an insulating varnish increases the electrical and mechanical quality of insulation, improves the resistance to heat, moisture resistance and improves its thermal conductivity. The surface varnishing of the winding is used for an additional protection of the motor. It provides protection against mechanical damage.

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Tex.AC TA-01-204 electric drill is designed for drilling operations. High-speed electric motor with a power of 700W ensures maximum rotation of the cartridge at 3000 rpm. The reverse button is located in such a way that you can switch the polarity of rotation effortlessly. The power button with increased service is equipped with an electronic speed controller.

Мodel ТА-01-204
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network rated frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (W) 700
Amount of free movement rotations (rpm) 0-3000
Number of stokes (min) no
Diameter of steel drilling (mm) 10
Diameter of concrete drilling (mm) 13
Diameter of wood drilling (mm) 20
Cartrige diameter (mm) 1,0-10
Infinitely variable speed control yes
Power cable length (cm) 200
Weight (kg) 1,3
Warranty (mon) 24