• Working mode
    The drill performs work such as drilling or drilling with impact. In many cases, a narrowly focused tool is not enough, and having several is not very profitable at the same time in view of not frequent demand for certain functions. For maximum functional use, a shock mechanism was developed. If there is a need in addition to drilling periodically to make holes of small diameter in different materials, this drill will do the best, providing the functionality of two instruments at once.
  • Control system
    A reliable turn-on of the tool and precise rotation transmission is ensured by a push-button with a smooth set of speed for precise work such as drilling, drilling and screwing of various consumables. Additionally, the set speed adjustment will optimally select the required speed. The reverse button is located on the body; it allows changing the rotation of the cartridge.
  • Drill chuck
    A cam key chuck is used for secure attachment of the tooling. This type of chuck is optimally suited for better fixing, less probability of scrolling the drill in the chuck due to maximum force at fixing. The reliability of the mechanism is achieved through the use of high-quality metal alloys, providing a long service of this type of chuck.
  • Engine

    The high power of the electric motor is achieved due to the use of only high-quality materials, while maintaining small dimensions of the device. Continuous and reliable operation of the battery betrays a high-quality lacquer, consisting of several layers. Coating with varnish provides high protection against mechanical impact on the electric motor.

  • Equipment
    The complete set includes the basic accessories necessary for carrying out of exact drilling works with the maximum comfort for the operator. The drill is equipped with an additional handle for convenience of work and reducing the load from the hands during extended operations. The emphasis serves as a stopper not allowing you to drill deeper than necessary. The key for clamping the chuck is recommended to be fixed in a special place on the drill, in order to avoid a loss.
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Tex.AC TA-01-207 electric drill with a capacity of 950W ensures high-quality performance of complicated works related to drilling and drilling in building materials. High-speed electric motor has the rotation speed of the cartridge up to 3000 rpm, ensuring precise drilling of holes with a large-diameter drill. Rubber grips are placed on the handle for convenience of work, to avoid slipping.

Мodel ТА-01-207
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network rated frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (W) 950
Amount of free movement rotations (rpm) 0-3000
Number of stokes (min) 44800
Diameter of steel drilling (mm) 10
Diameter of concrete drilling (mm) 13
Diameter of wood drilling (mm) 30
Cartrige diameter (mm) 1,5-13
Infinitely variable speed control yes
Power cable length (cm) 200
Weight (kg) 1,6
Warranty (mon) 24