• Chain tensioning system
    The keyless chain tensioning system is installed in Тех.АС TA-03-227 electric jigsaw. By adjusting the roller located on the side cover of the jigsaw, tension adjustment is performed. This type of adjustment does not require a special key, the operator controls the degree of tension and at any time can loosen or tighten the chain.
  • Bus and chain
    It is equipped with an electric jigsaw with a 406mm bus. It is a flat metal structure along which the cutting chain moves. The length of the bus is measured in millimeters or inches. Also the size of the bus affects what kind of trunk the operator can cut in one step. When choosing a spare bus and chain, take into account the chain pitch and groove size under it. To ensure the rated load, it is recommended to install a bus with a length of no more than 16 inches.
  • Engine

    It is equipped with an electric motor with the use of a copper winding, which makes it possible to obtain a large power with small dimensions. To increase the service life and protection from external damage, the winding of the electric motor is covered with a special lacquer, which protects the winding from damage. For greater reliability, the varnish coating passes in several stages, the lacquer is applied in three layers, thus, besides the protection, the likelihood of varnish peeling decreases and decreases the likelihood of a current breakdown.

  • Operator’s safety
    When working with electric jigsaw, the main thing is the safety of the operator. A special electronic chain brake is installed in the electric jigsaw. When the operator releases the power button, the circuit immediately stops. In addition to this protective function, a front guard is installed in the jigsaw. The task of frontal protection is to secure the operator in the case of a collision of the tip of the bus with a solid object or a chain failure. At the moment of collision, the tool is suddenly thrown back or the chain is ejected. In this case, front protection will help protect the hands of the operator.
  • Quick brush replacement function
    The quick brush replacement function provides quick access to the brush assembly, allowing you to replace the worn brushes with new ones without contacting service centers or disassembling the tool. To replace the brush, it is necessary to unscrew the cover of the brush compartment, remove the old worn brush, and replace it with a new one. Timely replacement of worn brushes increases tool service life. This procedure takes only a couple of minutes.
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The main advantage of Tex.AC TA-03-227 electrically powered chain-saw is the function of quick chain tensioning. This function not only makes it easier for beginners to work, but also saves time for an experienced user. The lateral arrangement of the electric motor with a power of 2700W makes it possible to carry out work in hard-to-reach places, transferring the optimal load for chain rotation.

Мodel ТА-03-227
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network rated frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (W) 2700
Number of free movement rotations (m/s) 14
Length of guide plate (mm) 406
Pitch of chain 3/8
Weight (kg) 5
Warranty (mon) 24