• Handle
    In its structure the handle looks like a bicycle handlebar. This form is most convenient for work. Due to its structure, the user produces the maximum coverage of the mowed area. On the handle of the gasoline braid are all controls. This allows you to constantly monitor the work, which in turn affects the comfort of the beveled vegetation.
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Tex.AC TA-03-318 electrical grass-trimmer is designed for mowing grass, weeds and sprouts. A powerful electric motor in combination with a straight cardan-joint ensures optimal transmission of effort for the work being carried out. For greater comfort, a handle is installed, reminiscent of the shape of the bicycle, which increases the cutting area and reduces the load on the hands.

Мodel ТА-03-318
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network rated frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (W) 1800
Number of free movement rotations (rpm) 10000
Length of cut of blade (mm) 250
Length of cut of line (mm) 420
Gage of wire (mm) 2,4
Weight (kg) n/a
Warranty (mon) 24