• Drill chuck
    Lightness and comfort in operation is ensured by the installed quick-action chuck. It makes it easy to change the tooling when performing a variety of work related to the use of different fabrics. Ideal milling of the clamping mechanism guarantees reliable fixation, reducing the likelihood of warping of the blade. The installed chuck is made of special alloys, designed for intensive loads.
  • Speed adjustment
    The installed speed regulator will allow you to perform various work related to sawing materials such as metal, wood, plastic and a number of others. The ability to set the necessary course of the blade, allows you to produce an exact cutting with a minimum of mechanical impact on the material. To reduce chipping, melting edges when working with polymers and rebidding the canvas, it is recommended to set the necessary course for all kinds of work.
  • Adjusting the blade inclination
    The pendulum movement function changes the tilt of the blade to select the optimum mode of operation with the required material. At maximum amplitude, the saw cutting of softwood and polymers are easily processed. Reducing the angle of the canvas, work is carried out with hardwoods or large thickness. The disabled pendulum stroke is suitable for working with metals, since working with such materials requires the maximum vertical arrangement of the blade.
  • Engine

    A high-power electric motor is installed to ensure reliable work. For electric jigsaws, reliable protection against the effects of various particles is required, for this the winding of the motor is covered in several layers with a special protective varnish. High-quality lacquering ensures a long tool service. Installed bearings are used in a closed type. Bearings of this type are minimally susceptible to mechanical impact from falling particles in the tool.

  • Equipment
    In the complete set the cloth intended for base works with wood materials is delivered. Adapter for connecting a hood or a vacuum cleaner is quite a useful function, when sawing wood and a number of other materials, the connected hood removes the chips, leaving the work area clean. The adjustment key allows you to set the desired position of the sole and other components.
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Tex.AC TA-01-030 electrical jigsaw is designed for the implementation of straight and curved cuts in various materials. There is a three-position pendulum in the jigsaw for a better cut. Adjustable metal outsole allows you to change the slope of the canvas to 45 degrees, and the electronic speed adjustment will select the optimal mode for cutting wood, metal or other material.

Мodel ТА-01-030
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network rated frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (W) 650
Amount of free movement rotations (rpm) 0-3000
Angle of cutting (°) 0-45
Cutting depth of wood (mm) 65
Cutting depth of steel (mm) 8
Fast-clamping blade holder yes
Infinitely variable speed control yes
Power cable length (cm) 200
Weight (kg) 1,7
Warranty (mon) 24