id: 00143
Tex.AC TA-02-111 welder’s mask is a necessary protection, without which any operator does not conduct welding. A special feature of the mask is the perfect protection of the eyes from the bright glow with the dimming adjustment DIN 9-13, as well as the possibility of switching the welding-grinding modes. In sanding mode, the blackout is DIN 4, giving the operator an overview of the work to be done.

Мodel n/a
Light filter type n/a
Size of light filter cartrige (mm) n/a
Inspection hole size (mm) n/a
Obscuration value under light condition (DIN) n/a
Obscuration value under dark condition (DIN) n/a
Time of dimming (sec) n/a
Time of translucence (sec) n/a
Protection from UV and infrared rays (DIN) n/a
Amount of sensors n/a
Power source n/a
Mask case materiel n/a
Working temperature (°С) n/a
Weight (kg) n/a
Warranty (mon) n/a