• Density filter
    The key purpose of the chameleon mask is to ensure the safety of the operator's face and eyes. The installed high-quality filter ensures accurate operation and timely darkening. At the moment of arc development, the light filter goes into a darkened state, providing a visible zone in the welding area. The built-in battery, paired with the solar cell, ensures that the mask is always ready for use. After a long storage, it is recommended to put the mask in a brightly lit place before the start of the work, within a few hours the mask will restore the charge and be ready to work.
  • Helmet
    The mask case is made of special polymer, which not only protects the operator's face from scale, sparks, but also protects against heat stroke. An unpretentious head restraint adjustment system allows you to customize the mask for the operator. The mask does not spontaneously fall from the raised state with the correct setting, and the properly installed fastening ensures reliable fixation.
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Tex.AC TA-02-121 welder’s mask is designed to protect the eyes of the operator during welding. She perfectly copes with protecting the face from hot metal parts, sparks, and also from ultraviolet radiation. The mask is equipped with an auto-dimming system. The sensors detect the intensity of the glow and the LCD cartridge changes from light to dark in a fraction of a second.

Мodel ТА-02-121
Light filter type auto
Size of light filter cartrige (mm) 110х90х8
Inspection hole size (mm) 98х35
Obscuration value under light condition (DIN) 3
Obscuration value under dark condition (DIN) 11
Time of dimming (sec) <1/20000
Time of translucence (sec) 0,3
Protection from UV and infrared rays (DIN) 16
Amount of sensors 2
Power source solar and lithium batteries
Mask case materiel shockproof and fireproof plastic
Working temperature (°С) -5/+55
Weight (kg) 0,43
Warranty (mon) 24