• Density filter
    A large viewing window in the density filter increases the viewing angle during welding operations, as well as cleaning of various surfaces. The battery is paired with the solar cell for optimum performance. Before use, after a long storage in a darkened room, it is recommended to put the mask in a brightly lit place to restore the battery charge.
  • Density filter adjustment
    The mask controls the intensity of the filter's operation, allowing you to choose the optimal value for darkening or enlightenment. Correctly set parameters will provide reliable protection of the eyes from excessive intense light, and also allows you to customize the mask for work that does not require darkening, such as stripping or polishing.
  • Helmet
    This mask is designed to meet all security requirements. The case is made of special plastic that protects the operator from heat stroke, scales, and also has a high elasticity, preventing the destruction of the mask during fall or other external influences. The ability to optimally set the fixation for fixation on the head, provide a comfortable conduct of welding and other works.
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Tex.AC TA-02-421 welder’s mask is a necessary protection, without which any operator does not conduct welding. A special feature of the mask is the perfect protection of the eyes from the bright glow with the dimming adjustment DIN 9-13, as well as the possibility of switching the welding-grinding modes. In sanding mode, the blackout is DIN 4, giving the operator an overview of the work to be done.

Мodel ТА-02-421
Light filter type auto
Size of light filter cartrige (mm) 110х90х8
Inspection hole size (mm) 92х42
Obscuration value under light condition (DIN) 4
Obscuration value under dark condition (DIN) 9-13
Time of dimming (sec) <1/25000
Time of translucence (sec) 0,2
Protection from UV and infrared rays (DIN) 16
Amount of sensors 2
Power source solar and lithium batteries
Mask case materiel shockproof and fireproof plastic
Working temperature (°С) -5/+55
Weight (kg) 0,45
Warranty (mon) 24