• Density filter
    The installed automatic filter provides a high protection of the operator's eyes from ultraviolet and infrared radiation, bright light, as well as protects the face from mechanical and convection heat during the entire welding process. When an arc arises, the light filter goes into a darkened state, and when it decays back to a light one. Thus, the automatic filter ensures continuous monitoring of the welding process through the viewing window. It ensures the timely operation of the automatic filter combined power supply system, consisting of a built-in battery paired with a solar cell.
  • Density filter adjustment
    The regulator of the intensity of the operation of the light filter is installed for optimum welding operations. This function ensures optimal and timely darkening of the screen when performing welding operations, protecting the operator's eyes from the negative effects of light radiation.
  • Helmet
    The case of the mask is made of special elastic plastic, which protects the face of the operator from the ingress of scale, sparks and convection heat. Headband allows secure fixation of the mask due to adjustment of the head circumference. Correctly set adjustment ensures comfortable work.
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Tex.AC TA-02-595 welder’s mask provides reliable protection of the eyes and face of the operator from sparks and scale. Additional adjustments of the filter sensitivity, and adjustment of the bleaching intensity, exclude premature transition to a light state during brief pauses, while welding. Installed solar cells and replaceable Li-ion batteries provide a full-fledged work of the mask for a long period.

Мodel ТА-02-595
Light filter type auto
Size of light filter cartrige (mm) 110х90х8
Inspection hole size (mm) 92х42
Obscuration value under light condition (DIN) 4
Obscuration value under dark condition (DIN) 9-13
Time of dimming (sec) <1/25000
Time of translucence (sec) 0,2
Protection from UV and infrared rays (DIN) 16
Amount of sensors 2
Power source solar and lithium batteries
Mask case materiel shockproof and fireproof plastic
Working temperature (°С) -5/+55
Weight (kg) 0,47
Warranty (mon) 24