• Chuck
    It is completed with a puncher quick-release cartridge format SDS +. This type of chuck is mostly used in professional and household construction equipment. Its main advantage is the simplicity and speed of the replacement process of the equipment used. The quick replacement of the SDS + chuck for drilling, allows the quick-action chuck to be drilled without waste of time. For the SDS + cartridge type, a tooling with a shank diameter of 10 mm is used.
  • Working mode
    In Tech. TA-01-353 perforator there used three main modes, allowing you to perform such jobs as drilling, chiseling, drilling various building materials. There is also an additional mode that allows you to expose the rigging at the necessary angle for the work of the chipping surfaces, such as basting tiles, screeds and a number of other construction works.
  • Impact mechanism
    The impact mechanism is the most important function of any perforator, which distinguishes it from the rest of the instrument. This perforator is equipped with an electro-pneumatic impact mechanism, thanks to which the tool receives significant impact energy with minimal engine size. The operation of the electro-pneumatic mechanism occurs when the perforator is pressed against the work surface.
  • Control system
    The installed power button allows you to work with the necessary comfort, depending on the degree of depression of the button, the number of revolutions increases or decreases. Convenience is added by the release switch, designed to fix the work of the perforator, ensuring continuous work, without holding the button.
  • Engine

    An important role is played by an electric motor, for reliability and durability in an electric motor only a copper winding is used. All layers of the winding are impregnated with a special varnish. This greatly improves the electrical and mechanical quality of insulation, increases resistance to heat, moisture resistance and improves thermal conductivity. To ensure a high protection of the electric motor, a protective varnish coating is applied in several layers, providing high protection against mechanical damage.

  • Reverse
    Located on the case of the rotary reverse provides a change of polarity, changing the direction of rotation of the shaft. Most rotary hammers with a horizontal motor layout are equipped with this reverse switching system. The main advantage of such a system is the ease of work and reliability. This type of reverse switching is durable by its own principle, sufficiently low probability of failure, high maintainability.
  • Equipment
    The puncher is equipped with all necessary basic accessories. A set of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm burrs, a peak, a chisel, a replacement chuck for drilling, and an additional handle and depth gauge are supplied with the drill. With the help of accessories, the user will quietly conduct work on drilling, chiseling and chipping construction material. The punch unit with all the equipment is delivered in a case in which it is convenient to store and transport tools and accessories.
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Tex.AC TA-01-353 rotary hammer is designed for intensive operation in harsh conditions. In addition to the basic modes, the perforator is equipped with a reverse function. The rapid replacement of the SDS + cartridge with a drill chuck makes this tool an indispensable assistant when performing all kinds of work. The use of quality components ensures reliable operation under heavy loads.

Мodel ТА-01-353
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network rated frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (W) 1250
Energy of blow (J) 3,8
Cartrige type SDS+
Number of stokes (min) 0-5500
Diameter of concrete drilling (mm) 26
Infinitely variable speed control yes
Power cable length (cm) n/a
Weight (kg) n/a
Warranty (mon) 24