• Working mode
    The building heat gun works in two modes. The first mode is designed for work where no high temperature is required. With frequent inclusion of the first mode, work is carried out related to drying the surface, heating various materials. The second mode is designed to perform work requiring high temperature. Work with shrink materials, removal of paintwork, soldering and deformation of plastic parts.
  • Nozzle
    The internal nozzle is covered with a special thermal material based on mica. Such a coating retains the necessary temperature inside the nozzle, without destroying or deforming the outer shell. Ceramic inserts provide a long period of application of a heat gun. Uniform heating is achieved by the heating element through which the air flow passes. At the exit from the nozzle we get the necessary air flow with the required temperature, which allows us to carry out all the necessary heat work.
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Tex.AC TA-01-049 heat gun is designed to perform work on the removal of paint and varnish coatings, as well as bending of materials. The technical dryer is designed to work in two modes. The switch located on the housing allows you to change the temperature and air flow. Convenient design of the case reduces the load from the hands of the operator while the heat dryer is used for a long time.

Мodel ТА-01-049
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network rated frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (W) 1200/2000
Air temperature 1 mode (°) 300
Air temperature 2 mode (°) 500
Air temperature 3 mode (°) no
Air volume 1 mode (l/min) 350
Air volume 2 mode (l/min) 550
Air volume 3 mode (l/min) no
Power cable length (cm) 170
Weight (kg) 0,6
Warranty (mon) 24