• Rolling torque stages adjustment
    The adjustment function will allow conducting of optimum work, changing the force and the degree of torque. Correctly set value on the case will allow not only to reach the optimum effort, but also not to pinch objects during installation works. Carrying out work on screwing different screws, it is important to set the required mode, so that the screw is at the level of the surface without venturing inside the material.
  • Control system
    The installed power button with a higher cycle to the on-off failure provides timely operation of the screwdriver. The number of rotations is typed from the degree of pressing the button, the harder you press, and the more it rotates. The additional regulator located on the button allows lowering the maximum number of rotations, providing an optimum speed while carrying out works that require a minimum rotation of the cartridge.
  • Engine

    The installed electric battery with the optimum power will ensure reliable operation of the screwdriver. A copper winding is applied for continuous operation and is covered with several layers of protective varnish, preventing negative effects on the layers of the winding. The bearings mounted on the shaft increase the service life of the tool, reducing the likelihood of beating.

  • Gearbox
    The installed gearbox system will provide the screwdriver with the required force when setting the torque, while increasing the force the electric motor is not subjected to overloading. The internal elements are made of metal. Unlike the plastic version, metal parts can withstand heavy loads during long-term operation. In the screwdriver element a lubricant is used, which reduces friction in the rotation of parts, thereby reducing the degree of heating and extending the service life of the tool.
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Tex.AC ТА-01-104 line-operated screwdriver has all the necessary functions to perform erecting works and drilling different materials. It is convenient to carry out construction work in hard-to-reach places with the help of the ergonomic design. Screwdriver’s case is made of impact-resistant plastic, providing reliable protection of internal elements.

Мodel ТА-01-104
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Power rating (W) 450
Amount of rolling torque stages 8+1
Amount of free movement rotations (rpm) 0-700
Cartrige diameter (mm) 0,8-10
Bias Lightning no
Power cable length (cm) 190
Weight (kg) 1,2
Warranty (mon) 24