• Rolling torque stages adjustment
    It is necessary to choose the optimum twisting moment to perform a qualitative work. The torque setting function is provided by the installed coupling. An optimal effort is selected for carrying out various works by setting the required value. Having set a mark for drilling, we get maximum effort; this function is designed for drilling various materials.
  • Control system
    The screwdriver is completed with the button of the increased resource. It is designed for intensive operation. A smooth running is installed and ensures a gradual increase in the revolutions from pressing. A reverse located above the power button allows you to change the rotation of the cartridge with one finger. Also on the case there is a fixation of rotations, which ensures a constant work of the screwdriver without holding the speed button. The main purpose of this function is to reduce the load from the hand during a long-period work.
  • Engine

    A powerful electric motor is installed in the screwdriver. High performance is achieved through the use of copper winding. High-quality varnish impregnation of winding increases the electrical and mechanical quality of insulation, improves resistance to high temperatures, moisture resistance and improves heat transfer. The closed-type bearings are used for reliable operation of the tool, increasing the service life of the tool.

  • Gearbox
    The installed planetary gear reducer provides the optimum force when changing the rolling torque. Depending on the set value, it is possible to carry out both assembly work on twisting, and to use a screwdriver to drill holes in various materials. The internal components of the gearbox unit are made of a metal alloy. A long period of operation provides the necessary lubrication, reducing friction and preventing premature wear of all moving components.
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The modern design, bright color scale and ergonomic design of Tex.AC TA-01-105 line-operated screwdrivers case will not leave anyone indifferent. The reverse button is positioned so that the polarity of the cartridge rotation is effortlessly switched. Twenty-three-step rotation torque adjustment will help you select the optimum mode for performing assembly work.

Мodel ТА-01-105
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Power rating (W) 550
Amount of rolling torque stages 23+1
Amount of free movement rotations (rpm) 0-850
Cartrige diameter (mm) 0,8-10
Bias Lightning no
Power cable length (cm) 190
Weight (kg) 1,3
Warranty (mon) 24