• Bayonets
    The bayonets made of high-quality materials are used for reliable connection of welding cables. This type of connectors has been specifically designed to meet safety and reliability standards. The used format of bayonet ensures a tight connection of the contacts, reducing the resistance of the current being conducted, allowing the use of welding cables of increased length.
  • Network
    The welding machine fully performs welding operations when connected to a network of 140-250W, provides a wide range of applications without binding to specific networks. It carries out welding works from all types of electric generators thanks to modern technologies allows boiling the device from a network of 140W.
  • Device settlement
    The device is cooled by a fan that passes through the inverter housing the proper amount of air. Protection from overheating ensures the operation of systems that disconnect the device. The fan blower is then operated until the system cools down. As a result, the better the device will be cooled, the longer you can work without interruption for cooling the inverter. The welding machine is equipped with transistors from world manufacturers, ensuring reliable operation of the inverter. In addition to basic protection, the main board is covered with additional varnish layers, providing additional protection against external damage. Power units are protected by a layer of compound, designed to protect and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown in the power units.
  • Equipment
    The welding inverter is equipped with a mass clamp and an electrode holder. Cables are used with the optimum cross-section, designed for high-current operation, increasing the endurance of welding. Also, the welding set is equipped with a shoulder strap for carrying or performing work at height.
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The Tex.AC TA-00-101 welding set provides a quality result during manual metal arc welding. The inverter is compact, at the same time it fully performs welding operations with electrodes up to 4mm. The board is covered with an additional layer of protective varnish for a long service. Power units are coated with a compound. Qualitative transistors from world manufacturers are installed in the welding machine.

Мodel ТА-00-101
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Current adjustment range (A) 20-250
Used electrodes (mm) 1,6-4,0
Power rating (kWn) 6,4
Working cycle (%) 60
System nominal voltage (W) 140-250
Length of mass cable (cm) 165
Length of electrode adapter cabel (cm) 210
Class of case protection IP21S
Dimensions L/H/W (mm) 245/105/155
Weight (kg) 2,9
Warranty (mon) 36
Equipment n/a