• Rolling torque stages adjustment
    The optimum torque setting is provided by a clutch that joins the metal planetary gear. This regulator allows you to set the optimum rolling torque or torque. The more the rolling torque value (the number on the swivel ring) is set, the greater the "power" the screwdriver develops. In this way, you can perform more complex jobs that require high torque. To perform drilling operations, there is an additional drilling function, which provides the maximum effort to perform work on drilling various materials.
  • Speed switch button
    On the outer part of the case there is a button for switching the speeds. The main purpose of the switch is the change in speed. At a reduced speed, more effort and less speed are mainly used for installation work. The increased speed provides the second speed, gives the maximum number of rotations, while the rolling torque is lower. The main field of application is drilling of various materials, where an increased number of rotations is required and rolling torque is not so important.
  • Control system
    The power button installed in the screwdriver allows you to gradually increase or decrease the speed depending on how much you press the button. Such a power button is optimal for the screwdriver, because often when working, a smooth change in the number of rotations is required to avoid splitting the splines or screwing the screw into a greater depth. A reversing switch is mounted on the housing, which changes the direction of rotation of the shaft in the opposite direction. This function is an integral part of any modern screwdriver. It allows the operator to work on twisting and unscrewing previously installed screws and other consumables.
  • Gearbox
    A planetary reducer with metal gears is used, in contrast to the reducer with plastic gears; this reducer is designed for more severe operation of the tool, since the metal is less susceptible to wear as opposed to plastic and withstands a high load. The rolling torque increases significantly, providing a high rotating force in conjunction with the coupling, which joins the metal planetary gearbox.
  • Battery indicator
    An indicator with three LEDs mounted on the case provides the battery level control. The principle of operation of the battery charge level is very simple, when the battery is fully charged, the green indicator is on, at 70% the yellow light comes on, at 40% or less the red light comes on. Thanks to this useful option, the operator will be able to estimate in advance the time that will be required before the work is completed and the battery is replaced with a spare battery.
  • Battery
    The power tool is equipped with a Li-Ion battery, which is easily removed from the button. The special battery protection is provided to avoid recharging or overheating of the battery. When the maximum charge level is reached, the battery shuts off, preventing premature wear of the battery. To avoid overloading the battery and fault, a function is provided which, upon reaching the maximum current reading, disconnects the battery.
  • Levels
    Two levels, vertical and horizontal are placed on the case, for precise drilling work as well provide an accurate direction when screwing screws into building materials. Thanks to the of the levels, the operator is not limited to choosing the work to be done, where the exact direction of the bit or drill is required.
  • Bias lightning
    LED backlighting allows you to work with the instrument in places where there is insufficient lighting, providing illumination of the working area. Thanks to this useful option, the operator is not limited in the performance of work, is not tied to certain conditions, under which there will be sufficient visibility of the place of work.
  • Equipment
    This power tool is supplied in a carton box. The basic equipment includes a standard charger and one battery. In addition, there is a clip to attach the screwdriver to the belt or construction waistcoat, which allows you to perform various works where you need to periodically release your hands from the tool.
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Tex.AC ТА-01-171 cordless drill defers by an ergonomic body and functionality. This Screwdriver comes with a compact Li-Ion battery with no memory effect, which allows you to charge it at any convenient time, without reducing the battery capacity. The screwdriver housing has vertical and horizontal levels that ensure a clear direction of the bit or drill.

Мodel ТА-01-171
System nominal voltage (W) 18
Battery capacity 1,5
Type of battery Li-ion
Amount of rolling torque stages 21+1
Amount of free movement rotations (rpm) 0-400/1500
Maximum rolling torque (Nm) 27
Cartrige diameter (mm) 0,8-10
Bias Lightning yes
Levels horizontal/vertical
Battery indicator yes
Battery charge time (min) 180
Weight (kg) 1,2
Warranty (mon) 24
Equipment n/a