• Working mode
    The main function of the drill is to drill different materials. Impact drill is well used in everyday life. In many cases, the impact drill fully copes with drilling, allowing construction work in a non-intensive mode. Drills of this format are quite functional; they have a wide range of applications.
  • Control system
    For long-term work and comfortable operation, a button with an increased service life is installed, providing a long term of operation for triggering from pressing. The use of quality components significantly affects the response of the tool while working with the trigger. With a slight push of the power button, the drill will gently pick up speed, performing work that requires precise and accurate drilling.
  • Drill chuck
    The impact drill is completed with a key chuck to ensure reliable fixation of various rigging. Working with the chuck of such a system, the best tightening is provided, not allowing drills to be scrolled in the cartridge under high loads. The installed chuck is made of high-quality alloys, the teeth located on the chuck for tightening the equipment endure a long period of service.
  • Engine

    A long period of operation of the instrument is provided by an electric motor consisting made of high-quality components. Only the copper winding is used to reduce the size and save power. Special impregnation with varnish not only provides protection from mechanical impact, but also improves such parameters as thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and high level of thermal stability. A technically correct electric motor has a long service life.

  • Equipment
    For comfortable drilling operations, the impact drill is equipped with basic accessories that make the work process easier. To reduce the load on the hands in the drill there is an additional handle, with the ability to place on the neck of the drill at the right angle for maximum comfort. Depth gauge - will provide an accurate determination of the required depth of drilling.
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Tex.AC TA-01-011 electrical drill is equipped with an electric battery with a power of 650W, having a rotating speed up to 2800 rpm. Thanks to the installed impact mechanism, the drill is designed not only for drilling work, but also for drilling holes in various building materials. The power button in this tool has an increased operating life.

Мodel ТА-01-011
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network rated frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (W) 650
Amount of free movement rotations (rpm) 0-2800
Number of stokes (min) 44800
Diameter of steel drilling (mm) 12
Diameter of concrete drilling (mm) 14
Diameter of wood drilling (mm) 25
Cartrige diameter (mm) 1,5-13
Infinitely variable speed control yes
Power cable length (cm) 170
Weight (kg) 1,7
Warranty (mon) 24