• Handle
    In its structure the handle looks like a bicycle handlebar. This form is most convenient for work. Due to its structure, the user produces the maximum coverage of the mowed area. On the handle of the gasoline braid are all controls. This allows you to constantly monitor the work, which in turn affects the comfort of the beveled vegetation.
  • Shaft
    The all-metal shaft is attached to the bar inside. The shaft is fixed by means of intermediate bearings installed. In appearance, the shaft resembles a metal rod with nine faces. The edges are necessary to connect the rod to the gearbox units. The more edges on the shaft, the more reliable are the coupling of the shaft and the gearbox unit. This reduces the likelihood of damage and scrolling the shaft.
  • Equipment
    The gasoline motorcycle is equipped with all necessary basic accessories. The kit includes a dispenser for the preparation of a gasoline mix, a set of keys for the assembly of a motorcycle, a semi-automatic bobbin threaded with a fishing line and three petal knives for the bevel of a large weeds and grass. In addition to these accessories, the kit includes a special vest. The use of a waistcoat significantly reduces the load from the back of the operator, and the shield attached to the waistcoat allows it to rest against the motor-axle, reducing the load from the hands.
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Tex.AC TA-03-152 trimmer is designed for large-scale and continuous work. The installed two-stroke engine power 2.8kW ensures optimal performance not only of the cutting of grass, but also of the trimmer is able to produce cutting of large weeds and small sprouts. It is recommended to use the appropriate snap-in for optimal performance.

Мodel ТА-03-152
Engine volume (cm/cbm) 52
Power rating (W) 2800
Number of free movement rotations (rpm) 6000
Length of cut of blade (mm) 254
Length of cut of line (mm) 440
Gage of wire (mm) 2,4
Weight (kg) 7,3
Warranty (mon) 12