• Operational mode
    Semi-automatic welding machine operates in two modes MIG / MAG / FLUX and MMA. In the MIG / MAG / FLUX mode, work is performed by feeding the welding wire automatically to the welding location. Manual arc welding with a consumable electrode (MMA) is great for working with large metal structures from ferrous metals.
  • Control panel
    Control of semi-automatic welding is carried out from the front panel. The mode switches between MIG / MAG / FLUX and MMA are located there. Also there are adjustments of voltage and amperage. Two LEDs indicate the operating status of the machine. The first one displays the connection to the network, the second one lights up in case of overheating of the welding machine.
  • Bayonets
    The bayonets made of high-quality materials are used for reliable connection of welding cables. This type of connectors has been specifically designed to meet safety and reliability standards. The used format of bayonet ensures a tight connection of the contacts, reducing the resistance of the current being conducted, allowing the use of welding cables of increased length.
  • Wire-feeder
    The task of the mechanism is to ensure continuous feeding of the electrode wire through a flexible hose to the welding zone. Constructively simple mechanism consists of an electric motor, a reducer and a system of feed and pinch rollers. The case of the electrode wire-feeder is made of metal and plastic. Presser rollers are used to pull the electrode wire from 0.6 to 1 mm.
  • Device settlement
    The welding machine is equipped with air cooling, consisting of a fan blower and a radiator system located in places where a high heat sink is required. The installed fan passes the right amount of air through the inverter, ensuring timely cooling of internal components. The inverter is equipped with an overheating protection to ensure reliable operation, which turns off the inverter automatically. The device can be switched on again after cooling to the required operating temperature. Components from world manufacturers are use, in power pulse technology to increase the working cycle. The power units of the welding machine are coated with a compound designed to protect and reduce the likelihood of electrical breakdown. The main board is covered with a layer of varnish, providing additional protection from external damage.
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Tex.AC TA-00-021 semiautomatic welding set is very compact. The key feature of the inverter is its small size and weight. It is intended for welding works with wire and a stick electrode. The microprocessor ensures reliable work of all systems. Due to its small size and weight, the inverter is convenient to use in domestic conditions, where it is necessary to conduct piece welding work.

Мodel ТА-00-021
System nominal voltage (W) 220
Network frequency (Hz) 50
Power rating (kWn) 4,6
Class of case protection IP21S
Insulation class H
Dimensions L/H/W (mm) 280/142/340
Weight (kg) 8,5
Warranty (mon) 36
Equipment n/a
Current adjustment range (A) 40-175
Working cycle (%) 60
No-load voltage (W) 55
Wire feed speed adjustment range (m/min) 0,8-22
Gage of used one-piece wire (mm) 0,6-1,0
Lenght of welding sleeve MIG/MAG (cm) 190
Mode ММА
Current adjustment range (A) 20-140
Used electrodes (mm) 1,6-4,0
Working cycle (%) 80
No-load voltage (W) 61
Length of mass cable (cm) 170
Length of electrode adapter cabel (cm) 190